PBX Phone System Service & Support

Call our service desk for immediate support australia wide: 1300 799 659

Need a phone technician?

We can usually send a technician the next business day if you call before 4pm. All of our technicians are fully licensed, insured and have had product specific training for each model of telephone system that we service.

Need to add or move a phone socket?

We can run new cabling for a new phone socket or we can relocate existing sockets. Is your office full of the ugly old Telstra sockets? Maybe it's time to consider running new telephone cabling in your office. We can rip out your old phone cabling which has accumulated over the years and leave your office looking more professional.

Telephone system relocation

Moving office is a daunting task. We make things easier for you by managing the entire process of relocating your communications services and equipment. We can coordinate directly with Telstra and get your phone lines moved or permanently diverted. We are experts at planning and implementing your move from one premises to another and making the whole process painless.

Phone line audit

Are you confused about the charges on your telephone bill? we offer a commitment free assessment of your telephone bill to find out whether there are any services you are paying for but are not using. You would be surprised how many people are being charged for lines and services that they haven't used in years. If we see something suspicious on the phone bill, we can send a technician to perform a full onsite audit of the phone lines.

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