Business Landline Phone Plan

If your business phone lines are through one of the larger service providers such as Telstra or Optus, you are more than likely paying roughly 30-50% more for your phone calls than if you got the same service though Business Telecom. We specialize in providing cheap business landline phone plans for small to medium sized businesses.

Comparison Chart

Astro TelUp to 50% cheaper





Fixed Line Call Rates

Local Call $0.12 Per call
National Call $0.08 Per minute
Mobile Call $0.25 Per minute
Business PSTN line:$29.95 Monthly
Business ISDN2:$66.82 Monthly
ISDN10/20/30:$330 per 10 lines
*rates exclude GST
Per second billing will cut your phone bill by around 20%

See a list of international call rates

* Pricing quoted is ex GST.

Our Billing

Almost every business phone bill is riddled with small hidden charges that accumulate and secretly add significant cost. These charges exist purely as a additional profit for the service provider.

Wherever possible we have tried to reduce our call rates, passing on the discounts we received as we have grown. This means we are now one of Australia's most competitive business landline service providers.

Our service

You can rest assured that the service you signed up for is the service you will get and that we will work hard to keep you happy. We are 100% commited to professional and fast repsonses to any of quiery you may have.

How Does It Work?

We use the collective buying power of all of our customers to secure pricing far cheaper than what Telstra would give to any single business. We use the Telstra network to deliver our service so when you pick up the phone and make a call you can feel confident that you are using Australia's best and most reliable telephone infrastructure.

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