10 reasons to avoid Telstra

Reason no1. When you call you get answered by a voice recording

Reason no2. The voice recording doesn’t understand your accent

Reason no3. When you finally get through to someone, they don’t understand your accent either

Reason no4. Everyone you speak to always seems to be in training

Reason no5. After you have explained your problem you get put through to another department

Reason no6. That department is no longer handling those enquiries so you get put through to yet another department

Reason no7. The third person you speak to tells you that the first department you spoke to was actually the department you needed

Reason no8. They transfer you back and you speak to a different operator and log your fault

Reason no9. The technician doesn’t show up for scheduled appointment

Reason no10. You call Telstra again and they tell you that the first person you spoke to had not entered the fault correctly.