The New Panasonic NCP500 Released!

Following up on earlier posts, the Panasonic NCP500 phone system has officially been released in Australia. We have taken delivery of 2 of these units so far  for trial purposes. Panasonic have released a limited number of just 20 units for the whole of Australia so that some of the key dealers can try out the product. So far, our suspicions have been confirmed. This is the telephone system that is going to change the way small businesses connect to each other. Not so much because it is packed with new technology but instead because it has brought the cost of this technology in to the realm of the small business. Previously, a small business would have a hard time justifying spending an extra $2000 setting up a reliable VoIP service. This system will integrate with VoIP service providers straight out of the box and it costs only a little more than the TDA30, Panasonic’s entry level model.

The NCP500, Like the NCP1000 can be configured as a pure VOIP PBX. In reality, all Panasonic systems are hybrids not IP PBXs but they can be configured this way. Instead of purchasing cards to connect your handsets and lines, you purchase lisences which work out to be quite a lot cheaper.

Voice Mail and Auto Attendant are standard features of this phone system. If you add the cost of the voice mail card to the TDA30, the cost is significantly higher than the cost price of a NCP500.  Another feature that we love is that the system comes with communications assistant server software built in. This software (normally retails for $1000+) now comes with both the NCP500 and NCP1000. Up to 5 PC users can connect to the PBX via the network and a client application on their computer screen. This can easily be integrated with a CRM package or even Outlook contacts. Never before has this feature been so reliable and affordable!

Call recording. Fancy the idea of being able to record your calls? The NCP500 coupled with the TVM50 – voice processing unit, can record your conversations with the click of the mouse. You then receive a audio file as an attachment in an email which you can archive or forward on.

Mobile phones can now become a member of the phone system ring group. Again, this feature has been around for a while now but it is now available to small businesses. Just because your out of the office doesn’t mean you can’t still answer the phone. The NCP500 has the smarts inside to intelligently distribute calls between available staff, including staff not in the office, available on mobile.

The NCP500 will change the face of small business communications in Australia. We will be testing the limits of the system over the next few weeks, trying to get the most for our customers who choose the NCP500