The new Panasonic KX-NT400 handset

Panasonic is well know for having flash looking products but the KX-NT400 is the extreme as far as business phone handsets are concerned. Working for a Panasonic dealer means I would be one of the few people in the country who are likely to see or use one of these handsets as I can’t imagine too many people wanting to fork out $900 or more for an office phone! what’s more if you want to add the optional bluetooth module you are looking at at least $1200.00. Admittedly the handset is possibly the sexiest phone I have ever seen… but could anyone justify the expense? I really think Panasonic should have built the bluetooth in to the handset as a standard feature. As the flagship model, trying to explain to the customer that they need to spend another $300 on a bluetooth module on top of their $900 handset is just embarrassing.

As with all touch screen devices, I seem to have trouble navigating the menu. Admittedly I am not the most delicate person but I am sure that if I find the phone hard to use then so will other people… especially the type who are likely to be able to afford the phone in the first place! If you have trouble using an iPhone, do not buy this phone.

The NT400 does have some unique features that really set it apart from Panasonic’s competitors. The IP camera viewing option is a great idea, I can’t imagine too many people would need it but it is cool none the less. The handset, like all Panasonic IP phones supports PoE to reduce the number of cables on the desk. There is an internet browser built in to the phone and custom applications can be written so that the handset can integrate with a CRM or other software package.

If you want a sexy phone handset to go with the super modern decor in your office then perhaps this is the phone for you. The NT400 is a fashion accessory and it clearly only exists to show off Panasonic’s ability to produce well designed telephony hardware. I for one use the handset for sales presentations, not with the intention to actually sell one, just to show what the Panasonic phone systems are actually capable of. I am sure that Panasonic had the same idea.

If you like flashy new toys , the NT400 will not disappoint. As far as touch screen IP handsets are concerned, this one gets the medal for having the best user interface and best overall performance that I have seen so far and it sure looks the part.