How to save a wet phone: 5 Steps

So you’ve dropped your phone in water you wally. Did it fall in the toilet? Well not to worry your phone can almost always be saved. Quick wash your hands off and we’ll get started.

Remember electronic circuits are in fact completely waterproof. Damage is only caused when water bridges the gaps between the circuits allowing electrical currents to join components in the device that are not normally connected.

Step 1: Remove the battery ASAP

Soaked? Beer spill? Coffee? Regardless of the substance or how wet it is the first step is to remove as many parts of the phone as possible. Start with the back cover, then the battery followed by the SIM card. If there is a front cover and it can be easily removed, remove it also. The quicker you can get the phone out of water and get the battery out the better your chances.

Step 2: Dry as much as you can with a towel

Using an absorbent material such as a paper towel, dry as much of the water off the device as possible. Don’t go overboard and disarm the entire phone. Just dry as much as you can and be careful not to get wet paper stuck in any crevices.

Step 3: Vacuum it out

If the water was just a little splash and not a complete submerge then this may be all you need. Hold a vaccum over the phone for 15 minutes. Note: You can increase the suction power of the vacuum by blocking 1/2 to 3/4 of the vacuum opening with a piece of plastic.

Step 4: Choose a drying agent

If the phone suffered more than just a splash you will need help from a substance with hygroscopic properties (absorbs moisture). The phone should be completely sealed in an airtight container with a substantial quantity of your chosen hygroscopic substance. Depending on your budget here are your best options:

  • Rice
  • Silca gel x 300% more effective than rice
  • Rescuetec drying bag x 400% more effective than Silca

Step 5: Wait then reassemble

Wait 48 hours, open the sealed container and reassemble the phone. Cross your fingers and power on. If there was no initial damage due to the phone being on while wet then chances are your phone will work perfectly.

Note: This guide applies not only to iphone 4 & 5, Samsung galaxy or Nokia phones, it also applies to any electronic device.