Changing the time on a Panasonic phone system

Geez it’s been 4 weeks since the clocks changed and I am still getting phone calls from People wanting to know how to change the time on their Panasonic phone system. So for anyone who needs to know – here it is:

From extension 101 (usually the reception handset)

-  leave the receiver down

- Press Program (prog  – on the screen)

- Press * * 1234  the screen should display: Sys-pgm No?

- Press 000 enter

- Press next

- Change the time and press enter (the enter key is located in the middle of the direction pad)

If you get stuck feel free to give us a call on 1300 799 659

P.s. If you only have Kx-t7667 handsets then you cannot change the time. As stupid as it sounds, you can only change the time on the larger Kx-DT333 or Kx-T7630 handsets.