Common applications for CCTV camera installation

Having security cameras installed on your business premises acts as a strong deterrent, evidence in the case of robbery, property damage or personal attack. No other measure, short of having a full time guard comes close to the security that a properly installed Omniview CCTV camera system can provide.

Common applications

Stock / Storage rooms are a place where a large value of goods can be stored in a small space. Having a camera installed in this location that offers complete visibility of both the entrance and the actual stock will provide an almost guaranteed 100% reduction in theft of stock. Staff members will usually not feel uncomfortable about a camera being in this location as it can be justified in case of robbery at night time.

Warehouses, like stock rooms can contain millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. Whether or not having cameras installed is a good idea depends on the type of stock you are storing. Small items that can easily be carried away in a staff member’s bag are at greatest risk. Due to the large area and complex racking systems that can block the view of the cameras it is important to have a properly designed system installed in this type of location.

Parking lots where both staff and customers park their cars are hot spots for theft. Although you may have a disclaimer on the entrance of the car park that you are not responsible for any lost items, having a CCTV recording of the area will be of great use should an incident actually occur on your property.

Common areas where staff members are known to loiter or take extended smoke breaks make good candidates for camera installation particularly if they are visible by customers. Although not a silver bullet to the problem they can act as a deterrent and send a strong message to your staff.

Staff working areas are a little controversial but in some cases recording video can be appropriate if the staff members handle large amounts of cash, caution must be taken with this type of installation to abide by the privacy laws in your state.