Website updates

I have been playing around with the website all weekend trying to integrate this blog and the new online shop in to the existing structure of the website. What a lot of fun that is! I am definitely turning out to be a jack of all trades, master of none by using this DYI approach for almost everything in this business. I honestly feel that as a business owner, I can’t imagine any other way of doing things. Who could I have paid to create a website with loads of content that relates to the telecommunications industry and specifically, our niche – business phone systems? I do believe this is where a new wave of young, technically skilled business owners will steal the internet away from the larger organizations. It has already happened in our industry, and I for one hope to use it to my advantage.

Young business owners need to capitalize on their ability to use technolgy by using the internet and social networking both online and off to gain an advantage in the business world.  What other forms of advertising can a young entrepreneur with limited funds get a foot hold? the answer is none. I have spent so much time pondering on how to get in front of new customers and the most cost effective way is the internet. With ALOT of time and energy, but limited funds you really can compete with the big players, no matter what your industry.