National Broadband Internet Already Available

If your budget is large enough, you can obtain NBN like speeds without the wait or the political drama. In many commercial centers and business parks, many fibre optic internet service providers already have infrastructure that means installation of a high speed connection is quick and easy.

You should expect to sign a long (3 year) contract to avoid the very high setup fees. Once connected a fibre optic connection provides a stable, high speed, low latency connection to the outside world that is capable of flowing huge amounts of data both in and out of your network.

Another benefit of fibre optic internet is greatly increased reliability. The copper telephone network is suffering due to age and the high cost of maintenance.

Fibre internet starts at around $600 for a 10/10mb connection. Price varies greatly between the providers with Telstra as expected, being the most expensive.

Some companies that supply fibre internet: