New online shop

Astro Communications has opened a new online shop for phone system accessories. We will be selling handsets, new and used for different brands of phone systems. We will also be selling cordless phones and headsets at well below RRP.

Check it out

We decided to use a free online shop called Open Cart. So far we have been very impressed with how great it works and how easy it was to install on to our site. We would love to hear your feedback – 1300 799 659

The site is not yet complete (it takes so long to enter all the products) but we hope that within the next 2 weeks that we will have all of our products available online.

In future we will look at implementing a dealer log in for our trade customers and we may even look at promoting a phone system in a box, pre packed ready for installation by the end user. This will help us reduce the cost of buying a phone system for small business customers who are just starting up at home but still require more than 1 phone line.

Moving forward, the internet market place has transformed our business and so we will be continuing to invest our time and money to provide a better service for people who find our site online.