VoIP… Like shiny wheels on your phone system

This subject often causes heated debate. Due to the fact that VoIP is a subject that very few people truly understand, it is surrounded by hype and false information. The problem is that many of the people who push these ideas are technology buffs who’s experience with VoIP is limited to having setup a connection between their house and there mother-in-laws house and impressed the whole family with their apparent knowledge of all things technical.

The reality, coming from a telephone system company who has a vested interest in selling you a new VoIP system, is that very few small to medium sized businesses would save money by switching over to a VoIP based system. If you are able to save money by switching, chances are you have sacrificed reliability somewhere.

VoIP has it’s place in the SME market, in my opinion it’s benefit is enabling interconnection of branches for reduced staffing costs and better internal communication across a network of sites.