NEC Inmail VS Panasonic ESVM

I posted the other day on how far NEC have fallen behind in the small to medium PBX market. Today I had the pleasure of setting up the Inmail function on a new SV8100 and I just thought it deserved mentioning that there is one feature that comes built in to the NEC system that [...]

The down side to NEC phone systems

Some of the older members of staff here at Astro (Myself included) have had more experience with NEC over the years than any other brand of phone system or PBX. We lost interest in the NEC systems after they ingeniously decided to change the entire programming structure of the IPK series with the release of the IPK2 and [...]

The New Panasonic NCP500 Released!

Following up on earlier posts, the Panasonic NCP500 phone system has officially been released in Australia. We have taken delivery of 2 of these units so far  for trial purposes. Panasonic have released a limited number of just 20 units for the whole of Australia so that some of the key dealers can try out the product. [...]

Panasonic NCP500 phone system coming soon!

We have just received the pricing for the new NCP500 and can confirm that they should be available in the last quarter 2010! As Panasonic’s closest phone system dealer (literally 500 metres from the IPL warehouse) we may well be the first dealer in Australia to get this system on the shelf. I will post [...]