Common applications for CCTV camera installation

Having security cameras installed on your business premises acts as a strong deterrent, evidence in the case of robbery, property damage or personal attack. No other measure, short of having a full time guard comes close to the security that a properly installed Omniview CCTV camera system can provide.

Common applications
Stock / Storage rooms are [...]

Astro becomes an Avaya partner

Astro Communications has become an Avaya business partner. As of the 1st of June, we will be stocking Avaya phone systems and PABXs to complete our offering to our corporate customers. Avaya is a global leader in the corporate communications sector and by adding Avaya to our list of suppliers, we hope to be able to [...]

Astro Communications takes on Hybrex phone systems

We have decided to add Hybrex to our list of suppliers after coming up against quotes that were about half the price of the Panasonic systems we normally sell. The Hybrex phone systems will fill a gap in our offering to small businesses as they are cheap, basic and offer all of the features that most small businesses [...]

Website updates

I have been playing around with the website all weekend trying to integrate this blog and the new online shop in to the existing structure of the website. What a lot of fun that is! I am definitely turning out to be a jack of all trades, master of none by using this DYI approach [...]

New online shop

Astro Communications has opened a new online shop for phone system accessories. We will be selling handsets, new and used for different brands of phone systems. We will also be selling cordless phones and headsets at well below RRP.
Check it out
We decided to use a free online shop called Open Cart. So far we [...]

Astro Communications Company Blog

Welcome to our new company blog. This blog will be updated with news relating to Panasonic telephony products and the telecommunications industry in general.