How to save a wet phone: 5 Steps

So you’ve dropped your phone in water you wally. Did it fall in the toilet? Well not to worry your phone can almost always be saved. Quick wash your hands off and we’ll get started.

Common applications for CCTV camera installation

Having security cameras installed on your business premises acts as a strong deterrent, evidence in the case of robbery, property damage or personal attack. No other measure, short of having a full time guard comes close to the security that a properly installed Omniview CCTV camera system can provide.

Common applications
Stock / Storage rooms are [...]

Signs of a Crossed Phone Line

Cross phone lines are a common problem on the ancient telephone infrastructure supporting the network.
Here are a few simple ways to tell if your line is crossed and what you can do about it.

Cross Line Symptoms:
1. Usually the first sign of a crossed line is the sound of faint voices in the background of [...]

Message Light Always On – Panasonic Phones

Ever had the problem on the Panasonic range of phone systems where the message light comes on but there is no message? Very annoying isn’t it? This effects all Panasonic systems in the TDA, TDE and NCP range.

There is an easy fix:
In the maintenance console open up:
2: System
  6: Numbering Plan
     3: B/NA Call Feature
Remove the the “4″ [...]

Changing time on Panasonic KX-T7667 handset

This seems to get searched quite alot so here is a quick explanation:
You cannot change the time using the KX-T7667 handset. This handset is the basic model and does not have the ability to enter program mode (which is a requirement for changing the time)
All other Panasonic handsets ( KX-T7630 & KX-DT333 ) are able [...]

National Broadband Internet Already Available

If your budget is large enough, you can obtain NBN like speeds without the wait or the political drama. In many commercial centers and business parks, many fibre optic internet service providers already have infrastructure that means installation of a high speed connection is quick and easy.
You should expect to sign a long (3 year) [...]

Difference Between 13, 1300 & 1800 Numbers

Line rental 13, 1300 and 1800 price difference
The 6 digit number starting with 13 costs $850 a month on a 12 month contract. This is a government charge and does not vary between carriers. The 1300 and 1800 numbers usually have a monthly line rental of between $15 and $50 depending on the service provider
13, [...]

How to Replace An Existing Phone System

Installing a phone system is not for the faint hearted. Even if you  have a technical background you will need special tools such as the krone tool, cable tracer, RJ12 crimping tool along with the usual cutters, knife, drill and screw drivers.
From an installation perspective, a phone system has 2 sides. Lines coming in & extensions [...]

NEC Inmail VS Panasonic ESVM

I posted the other day on how far NEC have fallen behind in the small to medium PBX market. Today I had the pleasure of setting up the Inmail function on a new SV8100 and I just thought it deserved mentioning that there is one feature that comes built in to the NEC system that [...]

How Much Does A Phone System Cost?

For anyone who purchased a phone system from Clear Communications or one of their many subsidiary companies, I am sorry to inform you that you have probably paid 10 x the real value for the phone system you received. To give you an idea of the true value of a small business phone system, here [...]